Is Your Child Getting Low Grades in School?

December 15, 2010 - By misty

Good grades in academics is something that every child is encouraged to achieve. With the right support and help from the parents, it should be easy for a kid to excel in school and get good grades. But what happens when, despite your best efforts, your child is getting very low grades in school?

Sometimes poor aptitude in school is just a manifestation of the true problem that your child has. Sometimes, it’s not his mental capacity at all that is the problem. There might be a few things that are bothering him. Remember that children are not very good at expressing their problems and are bound to keep them to themselves if not encouraged to speak up. Worse, there may be several reasons behind a child’s poor performance in school that is not easily seen.

Peer Pressure

Older children, especially those that are approaching puberty, are bound to be subject to peer pressure, or the pressure to fit into society. Your child may be a victim of bullying without your knowledge. Children that are bullied are usually afraid to speak up or fight against their oppressors, which could have contributed to his poor performance and poor grades in school.


Your child may also have hidden problems that might have led him to become depressed and thus underperforming in school. You might want to talk to your child and ask him what’s wrong and how you could help him. The emotional support of a parent or both parents is highly important in those stages of your child’s life, and will prevent the depression from worsening unto his older years where it can cause permanent damage.

Whatever the case, you need to remove the biggest block standing between your child’s good performance: the subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that can weigh down your child if it is not conditioned to take on a positive outlook. Seek out the help of a hypnotherapist. These people are trained to speak to a child’s subconscious mind and make suggestions that can help remove the figurative thorns that are bothering your child and preventing him from gaining good grades at school.

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